In today’s brutally competitive online space, almost 400 new blogs are published each and every minute (and that’s just on WordPress). Content generation is at an all-time high, and while content marketing has proven its value to the marketing world as a whole, bringing value to your organization with a strong content strategy is where the rubber hits the road today. The ability to align your content strategy with the dozens of moving parts in your global marketing approach is essential to accentuate this value. Far too many B2B companies jump into the content creation process without truly thinking it through. Are you driving traffic to your site, pushing a particular product or service, building high-quality leads, or something else?

Without a sound objective, content can easily get lost in the shuffle of other marketing initiatives. When it comes to ROI, content without strategy is throwing money down the drain. However, it is important to note that content creation done correctly can’t be done by just anyone. Is your CMO blogging for your company? If so, it’s time to give content marketing its due respect and invest in your content strategy. The phrase “you have to spend money to make money” is irritating, but only because it is true. Content can’t be done right if it’s being done in someone's free time. Maybe this means outsourcing content, hiring a new content marketer, or shifting responsibilities to give your writers more time  However, whatever it is, invest in content now.

While strategic objectives and ample investment are vital pieces of a content marketing plan, making content great is something that cannot be ignored. Valuable content offers something special, showcases something different, and often illustrates something that your target audience hasn’t read before. Because great content requires a level of expertise, marketing execs must get creative in sourcing content topics. This might mean outsourcing content for an eBook or speaking to your best customers to learn more from their perspective. Whatever the case may be, phenomenal content must shine among the influx of competitor content.

To get more specific, each blog post that is published on your site must be awesome. Even two short paragraphs can bring great value to a reader if executed correctly. As such, paying attention to the little things brings new life to your blogs. Does your headline make your target want to keep reading? Is the voice in your post speaking directly to decision-makers? Is each sentence significant and worthy? Getting stuck in a wordy mess is easy in B2B marketing. Make sure your content writers are focused on each element of a blog post to add real value, which is possible with each piece of content.